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Contract Services

RJ2 & Associates is dedicated to providing a highly competent and responsive resource for customers during peak periods of production. We have implemented a strategy that targets specific business sectors of the industry where customers have the frequently needed skills. Each of our teams proactively develop the knowledge base and qualified resources that are required to service our customers requirements in that sector. Each member of the team is hired... Read More

Direct Placement

In this competitive environment, downtime due to staff turnover is a condition that no business can afford. When you need top-tier talent, RJ2 & Associates is the first place to call. With the massive resources we have available and the significant network of talent we have assembled, RJ2 & Associates will... Read More

Managed Services

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, leading companies require a diverse combination of permanent, temporary and contract employees. Many firms have found that, because of this mixture, the complexity of managing their workforce has increased dramatically. The solution is RJ2 & Associates Managed Services. As your requirements... Read More

Consulting Services

RJ2 & Associates offers clients a good selection of services to manage and/or provide turnkey software and infrastructure solutions for your projects. Whether you need a team on-site or choose to outsource work, RJ2 & Associates' Consulting Services is there to fill your needs. Projects are managed by full-time staff employees that will lead a team of professionals with the specific skills... Read More

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