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Managed Services

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, leading companies require a diverse combination of permanent, temporary and contract employees. Many firms have found that, because of this mixture, the complexity of managing their workforce has increased dramatically. The solution is RJ2 & Associates Managed Services.

As your requirements evolve and your vendor list becomes increasing difficult to manage, RJ2 & Associates will develop programs to manage these agreements to a standard profile established by your company. These programs provide new solutions to your unique requirements allowing your staff to focus on their specific tasks and responsibilities. RJ2 & Associates will work closely with your managers and administrators to implement program standards that all vendors will follow, standardize pricing, reduce invoicing and administrative processes, consolidate billing and payment methods, ensure compliance with corporate standards, ensure that only qualified candidates reach your hiring managers and reduce costs for your overall operations. We deliver solutions that are finely tuned to your specific business requirements.

RJ2 & Associates Managed Services will provide management tools to monitor the services provided against the selected objectives of the program. We set high standards so our customers receive the best possible value for their investment in supporting vendors. RJ2 & Associates is committed to ensuring that your business realizes the greatest possible return on investment.

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