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RJ2 & Associates is dedicated to providing a highly competent and responsive resource for customers during peak periods of production. We have implemented a strategy that targets specific business sectors of the industry where customers have the frequently needed skills. Each of our teams proactively develop the knowledge base and qualified resources that are required to service our customers requirements in that sector. Each member of the team is hired to focus on the technology represented by that sector and build business relationships with the talented professionals from the geographical markets the serve.

Contract professionals are lead through a detailed qualification process by team members. Unlike other competitors who simply respond to customer requirements by making availability calls, our teams are focused on proactively identifying the top talent of a sector and building programs around those candidates career marketing objectives. This not only helps us build long lasting relationships, but also ensures our ability to provide customers the very best talent for their projects on a timely basis. From this talent pool we hire many of these professionals as direct employees to retain the knowledge base and also establish exclusive marketing agreements with professional consultants. These arrangements secure our ability to be a reliable resource for knowledge workers and allow our customers to strategically plan their core workforce at competitive levels. In this section you will find the "Business Sectors" we have established for each of our divisions.

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