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SOFTWARE APPLICATION development, implementation and customization are a primary focus for RJ2 & Associates. Custom applications are very common in the workplace, largely due to rapid changes in the technology landscape and the thirst of corporations to better manage information and data. RJ2 & Associates can provide full life-cycle development including analysis, design, requirements planning, project management, programming, development, testing and integration. Our consultants provide strong experience in numerous applications and tools running on most operating platforms.

Distributed and Internet-enabled systems continue to be one of the fastest-growing information technology fields in the market. Driven by the increased use of external communication networks and advanced technologies, the need to build and maintain database that house critical data -- as well as the applications which access those databases - is increasing at an expeditious pace.

Whether you need front-end, back-office or Internet/Intranet design and development, RJ2 & Associates has the resources that enable companies to efficiently integrate and implement new technologies. We have expertise in C, C++, Assembler, Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, Java, CORBA, as well as RDBMS such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server and DB2, and can provide lead technical professionals for all your client/server development and support needs.

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