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NETWORK SYSTEMS is a constant requirement in the ever-changing sea of IT. Although the underlying technologies may change, the need for high-speed access to information is critical for all organizations. Today, there is more information available to individuals than could have ever been imagined a few years ago. The need for fast access and the organization of that information continues to be a challenge for most corporations.

SUPPORT SERVICES are another constant in the always-moving world of information technology. As the state-of-the-art advances, so does the need for top-tier support personnel with the technical aptitude to assist customers with implementation, integration and daily system issues.

In an effort to assist firms with the design, implementation and expansion of existing network infrastructures, troubleshooting technical problems, and supporting end users, RJ2 & Associates provides a wide variety of technical disciplines to address your needs. Our services include, network architects, systems designers, system administrators, CNC, C&E, Installers, Firewall Software Specialists, Fiber Optic Specialists and others. For support services, RJ2 & Associates provides technical support for LAN/WAN, system administration, PC support, help desk/call center and technical documentation/writing. We support Windows, Novell, Unix and mainframe platforms, and can handle all troubleshooting, installation, configuration and deployment needs.

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